Autism friendly

Businesses taking the lead in creating welcoming places for autistic people and their families

Autism friendly businesses and organisations are making the UK more inclusive. Sycamore Trust Autistic Training Services makes businesses and organisations more accessible and helps open up public spaces to autistic people and their families. Whether
you’re a business trying to include more customers, or an autistic person trying to make the most of your community, we can help.

Public spaces can prove extremely difficult for autistic people. They can be overwhelming, crowded, unpredictable, loud and bright. Too often, when individuals feel overloaded by too much information, they encounter a public that simply does not understand
them and their autism.

The fundamental principle of Autism Awareness Training is that through an understanding of autism and the needs of individuals, autistic people can and should be able to enjoy the facilities and experience offered just as any other person can. With our
help you can make your autistic customers and their families receive a warm welcome.