Why training is important

Autism Awareness Training can establish the willingness of any organisation to demonstrate their inclusivity towards all members of the community and be more welcoming to people with different abilities.

Autism friendly businesses are making the UK more inclusive. Sycamore Trust Autistic Training Services makes businesses, organisations and services more accessible and to autistic people and their families. Whether you’re a business trying to attract
more customers, or an organisation looking for ways to embrace people with ASD, we can help.

Public spaces can prove extremely difficult for autistic people. They can be overwhelming, crowded, unpredictable, loud and bright. Too often, when individuals feel overloaded by too much information, they encounter a public that simply does not understand them and their autism.

  • Customer information
  • Staff and volunteer awareness
  • Physical environment
  • Customer experience
  • Promoting understanding

With our help, you can make your interaction with autistic individuals and their families warm and welcoming. Training from Sycamore Trust Autism Training Services can enable autistic people to enjoy the facilities and experiences in the same way as any other person, as well as making the workplace more welcoming for any autistic staff that you have.

CPD accredited training from Sycamore Trust Autism Training Services is inclusive, interactive and engaging.  Participants can expect to take part in a number of exercises designed to increase their understanding of Autism and will leave with a certificate from the CPD Standards Office.